Guiding Principles

Mission Statement

In all the dimensions of the work that he performs, Guy lives by the creed to approach each engagement with utmost attention to quality and respect for people, products, and those constituents he serves.

Simply stated, he believe in the following guiding principles:

Serve Clients And Students As Professional Advisors For Their Success

  • Adhere to the highest professional standards
  • Follow professional ethics at all times
  • Play an integral role in problem solving, implementation, and knowledge building
  • Build enduring, trust-based relationships
  • Strive for superior quality and distinctive impact

Deliver The Best Possible

  • Serve all clients through best practice leveraging of the firms assets and contacts
  • Manage client and firm resources in a cost-effective manner

Create An Unrivalled Environment For Student Success

  • Deliver a learning environment that fosters active and participative learning
  • Delivering quality instruction by championing adult learning techniques
  • Uphold the obligation to dissent and challenge

Act According To Core Values

  • Integrity: Adhere to the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct in all aspects of business … guided by ‘The Golden Rule’ in all relationships.
  • Excellence:  The hallmark of every approach is the commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in all aspects of the work.
  • Creativity:  Committed to finding creative and innovative solutions and educational workshops, driven by results and outcomes, not profits alone.
  • Respect:  Relationships will be guided by mutual respect, cooperation, and selflessness, maintaining honest and open communication that will foster a nurturing working environment.
  • Fairness:  Compensation for services rendered will be market driven and determined in a manner that is equitable to both parties.